Friday, September 20, 2013

Christine and Dakota's Country Wedding in Parachute, Colorado from Chad Tipps on Vimeo.

I had the great pleasure of shooting our friends wedding out in Parachute, Colorado. We drove from Colorado Springs and had some fun stopping in Denver and Vail on our way. My wife Elissa came as my PA, agent, and my date. Christine and Dakota and their families were a pleasure to work with, and I'm glad they liked my work!
Here is a shorter look at the day. I provided a 90 minute cinematic version complete with a music score based on the music from the ceremony. I authored a beautiful DVD menu and duplicated DVDs in house for the extended family.
I created this original music in a morning using my guitar and cello. I was having trouble with Pro Tools so I made it in Garage Band. The quirky imperfections in the music make it sound more like a 'live country band' to my ear.
I was very glad to have the Canon C100 that day because of the heat! The fan allowed that camera to be my workhorse in near 100 degree weather. Since shooting this wedding I have been busy with many other opportunities to shoot music videos, interviews, and learn the ins and outs of shooting with the Canon gamma log. Being outdoors was a great opportunity to see the range of the C100. I didn't have a custom profile on my T2i yet, so as you can see the wedding dress is overexposed in some shots.

Saturday, August 10, 2013



I had the privilege of writing, directing, and editing this video for Elissa and Becca!  Jared Henderson honored us as DOP and camera technician for the day.  

Shot on Canon 5D MkIII. Thanks Caitlin Henderson, Drew McCalmon, and Cory Reanolds for your help.


Here is the story behind the song. 

Shot with Canon T2i. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Voice Over and original commercial music

Voice over and original music by Chad Tipps
Typography Motion Graphics soon to follow
made for conference Intro video

Promotional photos and video made for

Promotional photos and video made for 'the Sonflowerz'
by Chad Tipps


I shot these with a Canon T2i. Edited in Photoshop CS6  July 2013

This video is to promote 'the Sonflowerz' Kickstarter here:

SONFLOWERZ KICKSTARTER (ends August 20, 2013)

Shot with Canon T2i, Edited in Premiere CS6

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Videos and Music

The latest series of videos from Diane Nix can be viewed at or on her VIMEO channel.

DN CHELONIAN 1of7 from Diane Nix on Vimeo.

DN I DO WHAT I WANT 2of7 from Diane Nix on Vimeo.

Original Music in Pro Tools 10.  Editing done in Adobe Premiere CS6.  
Shot with Canon T2i, T3i, Canon 50mm 1.8, Canon 28mm 1.8.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sonflowerz at the Grand Canyon Devotinal video

After a long drive from Colorado we had the opportunity to make the short drive from Prescott, AZ to visit the Grand Canyon.   My wife, Elissa, who is a worship leader, song writer, artist, and author had this insight to share.  This video is featured on her website along with other videos and beautiful encouragement on her blog.  

The music is original.  I wanted a soundscape that conveyed how I felt beholding such a marvel... and the Grand Canyon.

We are meant to delight in the fingerprints of God.  

The depth of the canyon made me feel small, the mystery of why it looks just the way it does left so many questions.  My approach to God the Father should be so filled with awe and fear.  When we are made to feel small we see the beginning of 'the Fear of the Lord', or the awe and respect He deserves.  I will never wrap my mind around God, understand just what I am beholding, my eyes can't take Him in.  When I see my wife encouraging girls and opening the word, I see the same fingerprints of wonder that baffle me.

There is a depth put inside of us, who are filled with the Spirit, that baffles the beholder. 

We have been invited to explore the wonder of God, to love Him for who He is, and to enter into Him, and to be a wonder to this world.  When we behold each other I hope we see the depth and glory of Heaven peeking out through the cracks tribulation has opened in our facade.

Let the gold of the Holy Spirit show by scuffing off the graffiti we call our dignity.